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Due to a number of economic factors, we anticipate a number of cost changes for July 1-2021.

Cost changes have come from 37 of our vendors and cover a wide variety of products in office supplies and furniture.  The vast majority of the increases were in the single digits, but about 10% of our suppliers have double digit increases.  On a positive note, a number of decreases were received as well.  

We make every effort to minimize the impact of the cost increases.  Our buying group, Basics has pushed back on many suppliers ensuring the that proposed increases were both fair and across the market to our Canadian competitors.  

Ongoing supply disruptions are impacting all manufacturers across all business sectors globally.  As a result, our suppliers are not only seeing unprecedented cost increases in raw materials & transportation but they are experiencing supply shortages from our most trusted suppliers.  We have never experienced such a dramatic change.  

We are well positioned to supply products for your office through our warehouses in Peterborough.  We have been working strategically and have stocked up our inventory so we have the products you need.

Our goal is to continue to provide you with products that offer you the best value with the highest quality service to support you and your business.  We appreciate your business and thank you for your continued support.

Brant Basics, Your Spring Cleaning Partner


3 Great Benefits From Buying Cleaning
& Sanitation Supplies From Brant Basics!


Cleaning supplies are:

– a necessity no matter what your business is

– are used daily 

-for certain businesses, maintaining a high standard of hygiene is a must. 

As a supplier of commercial cleaning supplies,
our clients appreciate a number of
benefits when buying from us.

  1. Saves time
    Buying supplies in bulk & using one supplier for office products AND cleaning products not only saves money, but it will save time purchasing products from different suppliers. As you build a solid list of supplies that you purchase consistently, we will have your purchasing history on file. Making another order of the supplies you need can be as easy as a click of a button or a simple phone call.  One supplier means one delivery, one invoice, one payment all resulting in time savings.
  2. You’re equipped to handle any cleaning emergencies 
    Accidents happen, and a scenario where someone spills liquid or other material is not uncommon. The last thing you want, is to be short on cleaning supplies to take care of the mess, especially if your business experiences foot traffic or if the mess is in the building’s main area.
    Having a well-stocked cupboard ensures that your business is equipped to handle any situation. We can provide MSDS sheets (Safety Data Sheet) for each chemical purchased. MSDS sheets provide the chemical break down, as well as what to do in the case of an emergency. 
  3. Reduces environmental impact 
    Did you know that your business contributes to sustainable practices when you purchase cleaning & facility management products in bulk? With less packaging used, you’re helping manufacturers, and suppliers save on energy, fuel, and other operational costs.  
    With combining your office supply orders with cleaning & facilitation products, you are reducing driving and this has an impact on global warming. 

Contact us and our skilled, knowledgeable staff will help you get what you need. 

  • We are open & operating, but the store is not open to the public due to the State of Emergency shutdown.
  • Curbside pick-up is available at our Water Street Street entrance. (At the back of our building opposite the MNR Gov’t Bldg.)
  • Free delivery is available too!

Our hours are Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 5pm.


Tips for successfully working from home 


Welcome to your workspace:
Tips for successfully
working from home 

We believe everyone deserves an amazing workspace and our team is excited to help bring yours to life.

Maybe you miss the office.  Or maybe your home office isn’t working out.  Whatever the case, we can help your home office work just as hard as you do.

  1. Create a dedicated space, create an office, move and organize since you are going to be spending a lot of time in this space.  Create physical boundaries to help divide your space as ‘work’.  Reduce disruptions and interference due to ‘ease of contact’.  
  2. Get an adjustable ergonomic chair that fits your body well.  The adjustability is important so you can be supported in the ways you need: your arms, lower back, hips and so on
  3. Introduce a way to be able to stand while working to increase circulation, focus and reduce fatigue
  4. Allow yourself to take frequent micro breaks of even just 5 to 10 seconds of movement and refocus on the task at hand
  5. Take periodic macro breaks for 5 minutes & factor in fun: watch a video, do something silly to increase endorphins and laughter
  6. Implement daily workouts of 30 minutes of activity to increase heart rate, blood flow circulation as a way to be kind to your body.  Stretch, move your body in opposite directions: move around: Up, down and side to side


Help define your office space as ‘I am working’ so that family and housemates can respect what you are trying to accomplish throughout the day.  Communication is key, let people know when you are unavailable.  When working from home, create a system that allows everyone to know when you can not be interrupted (conference call with the boss), versus when you are taking your 5- minute movement break and can be asked important questions.  

Communicate what you need and you will feel less frustrated with your surroundings and working from home.  Set yourself up for Success!  


Clear Space, Clear Mind

If you’ve been involved in a design project, you’ll probably agree that it can be pretty overwhelming!  Just picking a paint color can seem completely overwhelming: “Navy Blue”, “Midnight Blue” and “Inky Blue” all start to look the same! Only having a 2’’ x 2’’ sample makes it hard to know what the end result is going to look like.

We can help simplify the process! Thanks to our trained and experienced team of in-house Furniture & Design Specialists, we work with you, architects & interior designers to select finishes.  Your actual floor and wall coverings can be integrated into the design and finished drawing.  We create 3-dimensional full-colour renderings that will help you visualize your space.  No more second-guessing! You can see your workspace before it becomes reality.  

Check out these 4 times our design team brought these customer’s visions to life!

1.     Great in Grey
Customer: Durham Catholic District – IT Department

For this project, we showed the tile floor aisle as well as the paint detailing on the wall. We included finish details like paint colour and placement, provided by the interior designer, who we worked hand-in-hand with on this project.

2.     Beauty & The Bench
Customer: Gauvreau & Associates CPA

After making a trip to the Steelcase Worklife Centre in Toronto, our customer decided on an open concept floor plan while keeping privacy and separation for each employee. The designer (Key Impressions Design) chose “Tangerine” Steelcase Series 1 chairs with a polished aluminum base, and “Arctic White” desks with “Mallard” tackable separation screens.

3.     Crazy Carpet
Customer: Durham Catholic District School Board – Father Leo J. Austin

Check out this unique carpet application that we were able to completely replicate using our software!

4.     Peekaboo Privacy

This customer requested a layout that would maximize the number of employees they could fit in a space, while keeping functional, height adjustable desks and a reasonable amount of storage. Steelcase’s High Density Storage was the perfect solution – and a pop of colour inside the storage units tied into their company branding!

Our designers are here to help you realize your vision. Give us a call.

phone: 705-748-2291

Clear Space; Clear Mind – Creating Desk Space is Easy

Clear space; Clear mind

A work environment can increase productivity, reduce distractions and & help you source the items you need quickly. During this pandemic, it is important to sanitize your work area daily.  Can you do this quickly and effectively or do you have too many unnecessary items on your desk?

Using the correct supplies to help you organize.

Less is more! Too many unutilized supplies cause clutter, attracts dust & wastes space. Choose carefully which supplies & organizers will help you clear your mind for your work day.

How to organize.

  • Stackable letter trays – get all those papers organized by topic! Try colour-coding each tray with labels. Colour-coding allows you to rapidly review the information and capture your attention. 
  • Keep your personal belongings to a minimum. For personal items, take advantage of break rooms, coat rooms, or closed storage such as drawers and cabinets.
  • Put similar items together such as pens, pencils, highlighters and give them a home.  Organize them to make it easier to find what you need.
  • Only display your most commonly used stationery items and store the rest away in a drawer organizer. Use this to hold, notes, catalogues or any reference documents you may need.
  • Make sure to purge your work station at least once a month to get rid of any old documents you may no longer need.

Before and After 

  • Stackable trays organize paperwork and acts as home-base for the phone
  • Two pencil cups to sort out pens, highlighters, markers
  • Various reminder notes placed on vertical back panel for easy reference
  • Cabling and cords tucked into power supply dock

The Tools

This is a what a quick difference you can make in only 5 minutes with the right products.

Stackable letter tray, to hold paper-work and phone. Two pen holders to separate pens from highlighters/markers so you know what you’re grabbing. Anything besides essentials move to pedestal – organized also. Sticky notes – moved to tack board. – still in sight for reminder but less distracting. Cords tucked into desks power supply dock. All products used are from Brant Basics – one of our office product specialists can help you get organized. Stay tuned for some tips and tricks from our furniture team on how they help people like you get the right fit of office furniture to help you succeed!

At Brant, we have the tools to make your space as organized and productive as you need it to be. Drop by the store and speak to an associate. We’re here to help.

Black Friday 2019

Join us in-store for great deals door-crashers!

Workplace Culture – Part 2

Image: Steelcase


The first step to creating a great employee experience is understanding what people want. By listening to people and observing how they work, companies can focus on:

– an approach to meeting people’s needs for wellbeing

– smart and connected technology

– and access to a range of spaces.

With this approach companies can create places where people want to work & gaining an edge over competitors searching for talent.

01 Offer Choice + Control

Here are some ideas:

Give people the freedom to work wherever they want by providing a range of spaces with different tools and atmospheres that meet their changing needs throughout the day.

02 Make it Authentic

Create places where people feel free to be themselves. Lighting, materiality, informal spaces and natural elements are powerful influences on behavior and communicate company brand and culture.

03 Keep Them Nourished

Think about physical and emotional needs. Great coffee and healthy food options signal that wellbeing is a priority. Stronger relationships create stronger ideas, both of which increase team synergy and creativity.

04 Provide Top Technology

Without easy-to-use, accessible technology, workers can’t do their jobs and often get frustrated and distracted. It’s important to provide both mobile devices and thoughtfully integrated large-scale technology in spaces to make it easy to share ideas and information.

05 Support Solitude

Help keep distractions low with respite spaces where individuals can rejuvenate, take a private phone call or focus on heads-down work throughout the day.

06 Keep them Connected to Coworkers and Community

Invest in diversity, inclusion and community outreach opportunities. These groups give employees a chance to form a sense of belonging to the company and feel that what they do and who they work for serve a larger purpose.

Sometimes we forget to think strategically about creating an employee experience that will influence  decisions about where to work and how engaged they are likely to be. Instead, the office should be leveraged to encourage new social norms and a mindset leading to the behaviors that enhance innovation. Over time, this will shape the culture you desire, as well as create the type of work experience people are seeking

Workplace Culture – Part 1

Today, some people shop for employers like they do
for consumer products.

People are looking for a sense of purpose at work and ask themselves, “Do I love my job, or do I just like it? Does my employer share my values? There are many factors at play when someone is trying to choose where they want to work.

At the same time, the competition for talent has never been more fierce.

Traditionally, organizations have thought about their offices as a place to park their people.


A great employee experience doesn’t come easy. Companies with low engagement scores often implement initiatives before asking employees what they want. A recent global study of office workers found:

51% need an escape from working in the same place during their day

53% of employees say they can’t find the right types of space they need.

43% are seeking deeper relationships with colleagues and believe informal spaces can help build more trust.

This data is telling; people are unsatisfied.

Traditional perks like higher salaries aren’t enough to convince people to join a new company or stay with the one they’re already with. For Gen Z (born 1994–2008), salary isn’t even a top-three priority, according to the 2017 Change Generation Report conducted by the Lovell Corporation.

For the first time, passion is ranked as one of the top three work values. Employers will be required to keep their spark alive in the workplace—ensuring work speaks to individual interests, provides growth and aligns with employee values.


There are three critical factors for companies to invest in creating an optimal employee experience—physical space, culture and technology.

Very few organizations think about these three factors holistically. They are usually managed by separate people with separate budgets. Human resources, information technology and facility leaders rarely sit in a room to talk through how their roles intersect to build the places where people want to work.


A survey that measures companies on how well they invest in physical space, culture and technology was conducted at over 250 global organizations. Organizations who prioritized integration of technology, space and culture had more than four times the average profit and more than two times the average revenue.

Stay tuned for part two in a couple weeks, as we further explore this fundamental relationship.

Staff Room Refresh

Finally! Brant Staff Room Reno!!!!

While we’re busy making great, creative spaces for others, our own lunch/break area has suffered. But not any more!

We recently updated our team lunchroom. Including a lounge area, upgraded wifi and space heater. We also painted the room and added a touch of art. The comfortable furniture has already got staff’s attention, as we’ve noticed a marked increase in use of the space.

Check out the before and after shots. All items sources by our team of professionals.

BEFORE – Not very welcoming, is it?

AFTER – Much better!

Ask us about your employee spaces –
we’ve got lots of great ideas to keep your staff productive.

Stressed at Work?

There are some things you can do to make it less-so. When employees feel positive about the spaces they work in, productivity improves, collaboration increases and creativity peaks.

Who wants to be stuck at one single desk, day after day after day? That gets boring quickly. And, it’s just gotta harm productivity, no?

(image: Steelcase)

Our staff of designers recommend you provide spaces that give control and choice over where work is completed. Shared spaces, collaborative commons, private nooks…all can give your staff the chance to be their best each day. Through a variety of spaces, we’re sure your staff will improve their focus, and it will show in the work they do. When you have versatile spaces for one-on-one or small group work, and interesting spaces for larger teams, you build, within your staff, personal connections and strong collaboration.

Give our skilled design team a chance to talk you through the options available to bring your office into the future…where workspaces are constantly evolving.

For insight into a changing workplace, various spaces like we talked about above and the tools used these days to get knowledge based work done, check out this interesting video on knowledge work.