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One of the most common questions in procurement – “how much does it cost to process a purchase order?” Between creating the PO, ordering the goods, receiving the goods, and paying the bill, the Supply Management Handbook says “it often costs organizations more than $100 in administrative expenses to generate a purchase order” and that “in many companies, the cost of managing and generating a purchase order can exceed $200 per transaction.” At Brant, we aim to make this process easier, and cheaper!

Do these scenarios sound familiar?

A. You have to send a staff member off-site on their lunch break to procure supplies.

B. You have to take care of this on the weekend on your personal time.

C. Payed for it on your visa and have to wait to get “paid back” for your purchases? Do you have to borrow from the office petty cash and then balance the books?

D. Do you have to wait in line to pay for the goods – this is extra valuable time? Who loads them into your vehicle for you? Who unloads them when you finally get back to the office?

Sourcing all your office needs from Brant is the simple answer to all the above questions. Why go through the hassles, when shopping online is just a click away? Get all your office needs at one place from Brant’s – our offering is always growing and we’re here to help.

We have everything for Facilities, Cleaning, Sanitation, Cafeteria and Maintenance Supplies, Break Room Supplies and Appliances, Health & Safety, Shipping & Warehouse Supplies. What items can expect to source through Brant Basics?

  • Coffee and Tea Pods and Accessories
  • Hot Beverages – Coffee, Tea, Hot chocolate
  • Candy and Snacks
  • Cold Drinks
  • Hot cups/Stir Sticks
  • Water Coolers, Cups and Straws
  • Disposable/Take out Containers & Cutlery
  • Food Wrap and Table Covers
  • Napkins and Dispensers
  • Coffee Makers and Carafes
  • Break room Appliances
  • Garbage and Recycling Supplies
  • Bathroom Tissue
  • Facial Tissue
  • Professional Cleaning Wipes
  • Paper Towels and Dispensers
  • Commercial Food Wipes and Towels
  • Hand Soap and Dispensers
  • Hand Sanitizers and Dispensers
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Restroom Cleaning Supplies
  • Air Fresheners
  • Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning
  • Wet and Dry Floor Cleaning Supplies
  • Disinfecting Cleaners
  • Furniture Cleaning
  • Window and Glass Cleaning
  • Dish and Kitchen Cleaning
  • Laundry and Fabric Cleaning
  • First Aid Supplies – Bandages
  • Emergency Supplies
  • BIG BILL Outerwear
  • Disposable Gloves
  • Safety Gloves and Heavy Duty Gloves
  • Safety Glasses and Accessories
  • Eyes and Ear Protection
  • Workplace Safety – Coveralls, booties and Caps, Reflective vests,
    sunscreen and bug spray
  • Respirators and Masks
  • Janitorial Carts and Caddies
  • Anti-Fatigue Mats
  • Snow Shovels and Ice Melt
  • Maintenance and Repairs – Tool box
  • Warehouse and Shipping – Boxes and Tubes,
    Packing and Identification, utility knives

If you do not see an item you are specifically looking for, Please do not hesitate to inquire. We have hundreds of vendors, with catalogues available to source ANYTHING you need! At Brant – we’ve figured all this out – so you don’t have to. Give us a call – we can help.

Low Cost, Local and low carbon, Brant Basics is an independent, local, family owned business. With a staff of over 25 dedicated knowledgeable professionals, we take great pride in our history. Our 25,000 square foot retail warehouse, downtown on George St, offers free parking for your convenience. We are your single source for office supplies, technology, lunchroom and breakroom supplies, hygiene, art & education, business machines and office furniture. We have an unbeatable selection at competitive prices.

– Tammy Goddard, Brant Basics