Clear Space; Clear Mind – Creating Desk Space is Easy

Clear space; Clear mind

A work environment can increase productivity, reduce distractions and & help you source the items you need quickly. During this pandemic, it is important to sanitize your work area daily.  Can you do this quickly and effectively or do you have too many unnecessary items on your desk?

Using the correct supplies to help you organize.

Less is more! Too many unutilized supplies cause clutter, attracts dust & wastes space. Choose carefully which supplies & organizers will help you clear your mind for your work day.

How to organize.

  • Stackable letter trays – get all those papers organized by topic! Try colour-coding each tray with labels. Colour-coding allows you to rapidly review the information and capture your attention. 
  • Keep your personal belongings to a minimum. For personal items, take advantage of break rooms, coat rooms, or closed storage such as drawers and cabinets.
  • Put similar items together such as pens, pencils, highlighters and give them a home.  Organize them to make it easier to find what you need.
  • Only display your most commonly used stationery items and store the rest away in a drawer organizer. Use this to hold, notes, catalogues or any reference documents you may need.
  • Make sure to purge your work station at least once a month to get rid of any old documents you may no longer need.

Before and After 

  • Stackable trays organize paperwork and acts as home-base for the phone
  • Two pencil cups to sort out pens, highlighters, markers
  • Various reminder notes placed on vertical back panel for easy reference
  • Cabling and cords tucked into power supply dock

The Tools

This is a what a quick difference you can make in only 5 minutes with the right products.

Stackable letter tray, to hold paper-work and phone. Two pen holders to separate pens from highlighters/markers so you know what you’re grabbing. Anything besides essentials move to pedestal – organized also. Sticky notes – moved to tack board. – still in sight for reminder but less distracting. Cords tucked into desks power supply dock. All products used are from Brant Basics – one of our office product specialists can help you get organized. Stay tuned for some tips and tricks from our furniture team on how they help people like you get the right fit of office furniture to help you succeed!

At Brant, we have the tools to make your space as organized and productive as you need it to be. Drop by the store and speak to an associate. We’re here to help.