How to adjust an office chair

Multi-tilter chairs can be confusing. What do all these levers do? Will they launch me into outer space? We go through the adjustments so you can sit comfortably in your chair.  Here’s a quick video & guide to help you make the adjustments needed to maximize your comfort!

Seat Pan Adjustment

The first adjustment is on the left-hand side of the chair, just below the seat, the seat pan depth adjustment. Lifting that lever allows you to adjust the seat pan depth to your desired setting. So, if you’re shorter, you’d want the seat pan back further. You’ll want that seat pan adjusted closer (out forward) to get more support if you’re taller.

Arm Width and Height

The following adjustment is the arm width adjustment on the bottom side of the armrests. Release the lever, move the arm in and out, and lock it into your desired setting. The arm height adjustments are the buttons or levers on the sides, which are easy to adjust up and down to your preferred configuration.

Back Support (Horizontal)

Next is the lever nearest the back on the bottom of the chair. If you release that, it adjusts the back of the chair into a moveable position. This will move it back and forth, horizontally speaking. Once you are comfortable and feel support, you can lock that lever down.

Seat Height

The centre lever is for your seat height. Raise that lever without any weight in the chair to the top position. Sit down and lift the lever until your feet are flat on the ground and your knees are at 90 degrees. Let go of the lever, and voila!

Seat Tilt

The two levers at the front adjust your seat tilt. If you have it in an upward position, you can find the seat tilt angle that suits you and lock it down. But while you have that lever up, you can adjust the little knob in front of that lever to change your seat pan tilt. It will tilt the seat pan just four degrees at a time to improve circulation in your legs.

Back Support (Vertical)

One of the final adjustments is for vertical positioning of the back of the chair, which is height adjustable and is on a ratchet system. Take the seat back and inch it up to the spot you like. If you’ve gone too high, bring it back up to the top and drop it down again.

Tilt Tension

The last adjustment is underneath the chair. The tension adjustment adjusts the tension on the tilt. If the tilt adjusts too easily, you can tighten the knob, which will tighten or loosen the tension on the tilt.

We hope this helps you adjust your chair to the optimal ergonomic position! Feel free to reach out to us if you need any further assistance.