Put Your Best Foot Forward!

How to balance work and life? What are the best ways to maximize productivity and ensure that the life part of…er, life, gets the attention it deserves? This is not a new idea. We’ve all heard the cliché… “work smarter, not harder”. But what does that even mean these days? Here are a few ideas which might be of benefit to your situation:

  1. Be intentional

    Begin each day with a hit list of “to-dos”. Do your best to prioritize, and mark them off as you work through them. Seeing things in the list marked “completed” is a boost to our personal morale. You deserve it!

  2. On Peak vs. Off Peak

    Not everyone has the same rhythm. Identify yours. Maybe you’re a morning person? Maybe you work best in short spurts? Whatever works for you, identify it, and use it to your advantage. Make your best times of the day, your most productive.  It’s all about balance. Getting the work done, and allowing yourself time to thrive, both in work and outside work times.

  3. Is Multitasking even a thing?

    We’re not sure. Sometimes it feels like a game. Many people feel that focusing on one goal at a time (might seem old-school) works! Many of the things we do in a day usually just require a few minutes, or well under an hour. It’s these smaller tasks that give us the success we need to move on to the next thing. Get it done, mark it off your list and move on.

  4. Prioritize your list

    What MUST be done vs. what NEEDS to be done. Think about the timeline for each task and rank accordingly. Schedule these into your peak times which ensures the important things will get accomplished, and not bogged down in the busy pace of the day.