Stressed at Work?

There are some things you can do to make it less-so. When employees feel positive about the spaces they work in, productivity improves, collaboration increases and creativity peaks.

Who wants to be stuck at one single desk, day after day after day? That gets boring quickly. And, it’s just gotta harm productivity, no?

(image: Steelcase)

Our staff of designers recommend you provide spaces that give control and choice over where work is completed. Shared spaces, collaborative commons, private nooks…all can give your staff the chance to be their best each day. Through a variety of spaces, we’re sure your staff will improve their focus, and it will show in the work they do. When you have versatile spaces for one-on-one or small group work, and interesting spaces for larger teams, you build, within your staff, personal connections and strong collaboration.

Give our skilled design team a chance to talk you through the options available to bring your office into the future…where workspaces are constantly evolving.

For insight into a changing workplace, various spaces like we talked about above and the tools used these days to get knowledge based work done, check out this interesting video on knowledge work.