Tips for successfully working from home 


Welcome to your workspace:
Tips for successfully
working from home 

We believe everyone deserves an amazing workspace and our team is excited to help bring yours to life.

Maybe you miss the office.  Or maybe your home office isn’t working out.  Whatever the case, we can help your home office work just as hard as you do.

  1. Create a dedicated space, create an office, move and organize since you are going to be spending a lot of time in this space.  Create physical boundaries to help divide your space as ‘work’.  Reduce disruptions and interference due to ‘ease of contact’.  
  2. Get an adjustable ergonomic chair that fits your body well.  The adjustability is important so you can be supported in the ways you need: your arms, lower back, hips and so on
  3. Introduce a way to be able to stand while working to increase circulation, focus and reduce fatigue
  4. Allow yourself to take frequent micro breaks of even just 5 to 10 seconds of movement and refocus on the task at hand
  5. Take periodic macro breaks for 5 minutes & factor in fun: watch a video, do something silly to increase endorphins and laughter
  6. Implement daily workouts of 30 minutes of activity to increase heart rate, blood flow circulation as a way to be kind to your body.  Stretch, move your body in opposite directions: move around: Up, down and side to side


Help define your office space as ‘I am working’ so that family and housemates can respect what you are trying to accomplish throughout the day.  Communication is key, let people know when you are unavailable.  When working from home, create a system that allows everyone to know when you can not be interrupted (conference call with the boss), versus when you are taking your 5- minute movement break and can be asked important questions.  

Communicate what you need and you will feel less frustrated with your surroundings and working from home.  Set yourself up for Success!