We have the experts on staff

When it comes to managing your supplies, both around the office and across other departments around your facility, we can help. At Brant, we have a team of professionals on-staff, trained and certified – here to make this task easier. We work with you personally to analyze your needs; sourcing products which can help to increase your profitability, find better fits or address concerns you may have about your current products.

Through an in-depth analysis we compare what you are currently buying – and where quality improvements and savings can be had among our comparable offerings.

We compare simple things like roll size, sheets size, quality, performance and environmental impact. We can help reduce consumption, save on labour costs, and help support your company’s image.

Did you know better quality products can influence customer’s perception of your facility, resulting in positive experiences and repeat business?

Our staff have Kruger University Training to compare quality of soft paper items – paper towel / bathroom tissue.

Environmental Certifications

At Brant – we know much much the environment means to both yourself and your customers. That’s by we feature our EcoLogo Program – which certifies products in over 100 product categories, including toilet tissue, facial tissue, hand towels, kitchen towels and table napkins. The EcoLogo Program’s tissue product standards require the reduction of 5 major impacts:

Our focus includes:

  • Resource Efficiency
  • Energy Consumption
  • Chemical Waste
  • Water Pollution
  • Solid Waste

Many of our customers are already enjoying the benefits of having our staff assist in their facility program. These includes, but are not limited to:

  • Bryston Limited
  • Community Counselling Resource Peterborough
  • Canadian Hearing Society
  • Nexicom

Give us a call – and let’s work together to make your facility management easier on you and your staff. We’re here to help.