What The Colour Of Your Main Highlighter Says About You

Do you use the same colour of highlighter every day and for every task? The one you pick up can say more about your intentions than you think.

Highlighters come in assorted packs or you can pick single ones in the tones you like. We offer a variety of them since we know everyone has their own approach.

Do colours matter?

Colour psychology has been around for centuries although Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung took it up a notch in the early 20th century. Since then, branding, marketing and management have embraced the notion to develop some powerful icons. 

Meanwhile, Francis Honn accidentally invented the highlighter in 1963 while trying to create an erasable version of this arts-and-crafts staple. Within a decade, it overtook the pen as a way to mark up text in schools and offices.

What each colour reflects

Most people believe their favourite colour reflects who they are, their moods and how they interact with people who see the world the same way. So, when you want a colleague to respond well to your focal points, you may wish to carefully choose the right hue. 


Is it a coincidence that multi-packs often come with more than one yellow highlighter? It can often become the default choice since it appears to be the easiest one for black text to show through.

Due to its sunny shade, yellow represents happiness and an enthusiasm for learning. Fans of this colour are creative and collaborative, yet need logic and order to contain their ideas. They will be great champions of an idea once you get them engaged.

While ‘yellow’ personalities will excite their co-workers about a project, you may need to rein them in or make sure they don’t drown out other opinions. Use highlighters to focus on the headings and key tasks needed to get a job done.


Conversely, admirers of the colour blue prefer to have time to reflect on ideas and how they fit their values. They love stability and often end up being in charge of the metrics or followup aspects of a project. 

As a result, they like to plan out steps in advance and follow them diligently. Give them instructions to follow and they will be in heaven! They love order and stability, while supporting their team members with loyalty.

Yet, they may struggle with change. To help them cope with new processes or issues, highlight how these innovations will work for the company and give them time to digest the information. Ask them for ideas on how to make it better so they can envision what will unfold in their own imagination.


People who are keen on green are down to earth and empathize with others’ views and feelings. They stand up for their colleagues and focus on moral choices and maintaining a strong reputation.

These individuals respond best to consistency and balance; they like to see tasks prioritized so they manage their time well. Tell them WHY things happen and they will help you manage the team cohesively. 

Therefore, use your green highlighter to show the big picture and how work will be delegated to reach key goals. Green fans don’t worry about the details as long as they know the team will share the work equally. 


This hue has grown in popularity as orange indicates enthusiasm and confidence. People who prefer this colour tend to be outgoing and optimistic, with a tendency to take risks and challenge themselves. 

Those who use orange highlighters often like to stand out in a crowd and are seen as confident and independent. Yet, that may cover up the need for healthy respect and acceptance within a group setting.

To tap into this great need for socialization and a desire for human companionship, use this colour to draw attention to their ideas. After all, these individuals will likely help your company evolve more than more traditional workers.


Don’t underestimate the strength of people who love this bright shade that may come across as feminine. These kind and sensitive individuals can often nurture other team members, respecting a deep need to be accepted and heard.

Pink highlighters are often chosen by people who have an optimistic outlook on life, with strong beliefs about equality and justice. They also have a great sense of humor and value creativity from their ‘yellow’ and ‘orange’ co-workers.

Armed with wit and intelligence, pink people revel in the success and happiness of others. To keep them engaged, focus on the good things arising from a meeting. They will respond to celebrating the fun times they had with others to stay inspired.


Finally, purple highlighters are often chosen by those with a strong appreciation for beauty and an eye for detail. They also tend to be introspective perfectionists, as they spend time analyzing the world around them. 

Those who choose purple often love literature and music, as well as the questions raised by philosophy. In other words, they constantly analyze and observe everything that crosses their path – seeing things others may miss.

Want to get the attention of these charismatic and unique individuals? Remember they don’t worry about fitting into the usual box and may choose to zig when everyone else zags. 

Therefore, be creative in how you mark up their documents with an emphasis on what new and exciting things may speak to them. 

These observations may also apply to other bright elements you use for presentations and in-office displays. We have a broad range of colourful products for the artistic people on your teams – including coloured pencils and bristol board.

If you seek advice on how to punch up your persona, just ask us what tools we have available. Our sunny staff would love to help you improve the rapport within your team.