Why Community Support?

Successful Local Business Sector
+ Successful Local Non Profit Sector
= Stronger Community

What could Brant basics do to help our Community Partners?

While Brant Basics has always been an active supporter within our community, we recognized the need to develop a formal program to provide real benefits to local non-profits.

  • By providing promotional opportunities for our community partners we are able to help them increase public awareness of who they are, what they do and why they do it.
  • By partnering with our suppliers we are able to pass on direct economic benefits to our local community partners in the form of price discounts and year end rebates.
  • We introduced the Charitable Organization Support Program at the Peterborough Area Fundraisers Network meeting in January 2013.
  • We now have over 30 local charitable organizations involved in the Brant program. Many of those organizations are United Way member agencies.

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How does it work?
Available exclusively to our existing loyal clients and new clients in the Peterborough area non profit sector, our program features 3 winning strategies to support your organization:

  • Each month we exclusively promote a non profit organization as our community partner of the month using our free promotional plan.
  • With support from our national office products manufacturing partners, we are able to offer charitable organization Preferential Pricing throughout the year on over 3000 of our most popular office products.
  • These charitable organizations also receive year end rebates based on their office supply purchases.

How We Promote these Organizations?
Each month the designated Community Partner receives the following benefits:

  • Use of Brant store front windows to create your display.
  • Your organization and event are profiled throughout the month on our Telephone Greeting System.
  • We host the details of your organization and your event on our website and provide a link to your site as well.
  • We post details of your organization and your event throughout the month using Social Media program – via Twitter and Facebook – at No Charge!

How has it worked, what are the benefits Brant Basics has seen?

  • Excellent public awareness and feedback from our customers, staff and the public in general about the great work these charitable organizations are doing. “I didn’t know what that organization did before, but I do now, they do really great work!”
  • Tangible positive economic impacts for our local community partners “As a small non profit with a limited budget, we can use all the free promotion we can get and its great that we get preferential pricing just like big companies”
  • Greater brand loyalty to Brant Basics “We love supporting Brant because they support us”

When we work together, we all win.