Orchestra’s Canada

July 2015

This month, Brant Basics is happy to shine a light on Orchestras Canada, the united national voice of Canadian orchestras:

orchestra's canada400x400

  • is a focal point for industry intelligence and collective action to help create the conditions in which Canadian orchestras can thrive;
  • plays a positive and dynamic role in Canadian communities, exemplifying the pursuit of excellence, collaboration, community service, innovation, and sound management and governance practices.
  • values collaboration and inclusiveness and Canada’s linguistic duality, and strives to serve orchestras in both official languages.
  • like other orchestras, they are experiencing an unprecedented series of pressures, and are embracing new approaches to governance and organizational management, to make the best possible use of the resources to which they have access.

Check out our website:  http://orchestrascanada.org/

or 416-366-8834 for more information

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