In response to the rapidly changing health crisis relating to COVID-19, Brant Basics has implemented a plan in order to safeguard the health of our employees and customers while ensuring that our supply chain remains healthy. We are constantly reviewing and revising this plan and make revisions as the situation evolves to ensure we are in alignment with The Public Health Unit recommendations. These include both internal protocols and external facing practices designed to reduce spread of Covid 19.

Message to Healthcare Workers

Brant Basics extends gratitude to all healthcare providers and front-line staff during this unprecedented crisis. We have a common goal in combatting this virus and we are thankful for your dedication to the essential role that you continue to play.

Business Continuity Update

Brant Basics is fully open for business to support our customer’s requirements with Covid protocols in place. We offer delivery & pick up.

Our offices are effectively designed to support and adhere to strict social distancing guidelines

We are actively communicating and encouraging behaviors that help prevent the spread of illness based on the Peterborough Health Unit recommendations including wearing masks, cleaning and disinfecting the office environment, rapid testing when needed all while encouraging hand washing, sanitizer and social distancing measures

Our Leadership Team reviews Covid 19 prevention practices at regular intervals in order to remain agile in our response as the situation changes

Brant Basics offers video conferencing capabilities from desktops and conference rooms, which can be used with clients and partners when appropriate.

Supply chain

We are experiencing some supply chain interruptions as a result of the pandemic but work along side our suppliers and the Basics National office to maintain sufficient stock levels, source substitutions and communicate with our customers.

We are committed to maintaining our shipping and delivery schedules

As the situation progresses, we encourage you to contact us at

Brant Basics remains committed to you and will work tirelessly to meet your needs while safeguarding the health of our employees and customers. Thank-you for your ongoing support and loyalty and most importantly, stay healthy and safe!