The following are collections of images from some of our recent installations.


LLF Lawyers

Local law firm LLF Lawyers renovated and expanded their working spaces recently. Brant Basics was there to help with innovative and stylish designs.


EPC Peterborough

With a range of situations to deal with, EPC Peterborough needed innovative solutions – both in respect to personal office spaces and creative learning/classroom ideas.


Kawartha Credit Union

With a new, expanded presence in East City, Kawartha Credit Union was in need of boardroom, unique office and usable retail service spaces. Brant Basics was able to supply a full range of solutions.


Stewart Morrison Insurance

For insurance firm Stewart Morrison Insurance, natural textures and modern fixtures were high on the design list. The Brant Basics design team worked within these parameters to offer distinct solutions.


Lakefield College School

Located in beautiful Lakefield, Ontario, Lakefield College School needed flexible office and learning environment solutions. We were there to provide the ideas and products needed to fulfill the needs of this excellent learning environment.