Your Go-To Source for Office Products

Brant Basics is your trusted partner for all your office essentials. From office supplies like pens and paper to office technology, including printers and shredders, we carry thousands of brand names and a private label line to ensure that you have the best selection available.


Pens, paper, notebooks, staplers, paper clips, etc. The essentials. 

Janitorial, Breakroom and Cleaning Supplies

From paper towels and toilet bowl cleaner to coffee cups and dish soap. 

Health and Safety Supplies

From face masks and gloves to first aid kits and medical supplies, we have your H&S needs covered. 

Technology & Electronics

Printers, projectors, calculators, conference speakers and more. We carry the latest and greatest products. 

Ink and Toner Cartridges

We have all the colours of the rainbow, for ink and laser printers. We even carry fax cartridges. 

Office Furniture

From seating and workstations to lighting and shelving. Book a consultation if you are working on a bigger-scale project.

Art and Education Supplies

From Crayola watercolour paints to oil pastels and professional brushes. Products for the budding or experienced artist. 

Mailing and Shipping

From shipping labels and tape to boxes and stamps, let us help you mail your letters and ship your parcels, big and small. 

Customized Stamps

Use our design wizard to create your own custom stamps or choose from our pre-designed options.


Giving you support when support is needed

With a Prestige Account, we roll out the red carpet for your business, no matter the size or stage of growth. Sign up now for your account, and we'll help you set up your office for success with preferred deals and savings.