We have an opportunity available for a Full Time Cashier. Read below and please share!z
Responsibilities associated with performing the job:


Job Summary:

  • Provide high quality service to in-store customers by listening to their requirements and suggesting product alternatives to provide solutions.
  • Cover the front counter, processing in-store customer transactions.
  • Replenish the store displays with product from warehouses, according to IM15 reports.
  • Handle the movement and display of product from the Receiving area to the Store or Warehouse, as appropriate, according to BRANT standards. 
  • Assist other BRANT staff, as directed by supervisor.
  • Skills / Knowledge / Experience required while performing the job:
  • Minimum of grade 12 education.
  • Point of Sale experience is preferred
  • Warehouse and office supplies retail experience preferred
  • Working knowledge of warehouse and store shelf locations for office supplies
  • Basic computer knowledge including internet, e-mail and inventory management
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Work as a flexible and courteous team player
  • Self-motivated, friendly and outgoing
  • Bondable


  • Develop knowledge of products locations within the store and warehouses to assist customers on all office and technology products offered at Brant
  • Focus on customer service by listening, selling, interpreting, consulting customers regarding products and services
  • Provide high level support in technical, janitorial, breakroom and general office products.
  • Dealing with irate and concerned customers from time to time in an empathetic manner and reporting such incidents to a manager
  • Maintain clean sidewalk including shoveling and debris removal
  • Wear the Brant uniform daily
  • Performing the job with concern to health and safety at all times
  • Act in backup roles for, Picker, Warehouse replenishment, Packer and Receiver as directed by Retail Manager
  • Provide backup for customer service by phone and in person as required
  • Retail Front Counter
  • Focus on customer service by listening, selling, interpreting, consulting customers regarding products and services
  • Accurately entering sales transactions at the counter into our computer system in a courteous manner
  • Accurate cash and credit card transaction
  • Assisting with monthly sales displays and signage
  • Answering incoming telephone calls when required, especially after 5 pm and on Saturdays.
  • handling customer returns, exchanges and defective product
  • Provide retail sales support by unloading carts of products that come from receiving and displaying them in the store
  • Reviews IM15 reports weekly, stocks retail store appropriately, makes any required revisions to shelf labels and bin location data.
  • Maintain copies of admin forms

Store replenishment

  • Provide high level of product knowledge and inventory support with a focus on managing carts of products from Receiving by displaying them in the store.
  • Ensures that product manifest ie. Receiver sheets are followed closely when stocking products in store.
  • Responsible for researching, organizing and implementing monthly sales displays and signage as per Retail Manager’s retail plan summary.
  • All other duties as required, including re-working store sections and flyer display set ups
  • Put away products on return carts
  • Responsibilities associated with performing the job:
  • Check with Retail manager upon arrival for shift to see which tasks require attention.
  • Focus on transfer of product from Receiving area to ensure carts are available for re-filling in a timely manner, and focus on in-store customer service and processing transactions
  • Refer to the current Store floor plan and Pointforce computer software to properly identify location of products
  • Display product in the store according to BRANT standards
  • Check and tidy store shelves, list product required from the warehouse to replenish displays, and report lack of product availability to Retail Manager, according to BRANT standards
  • Accurately enter sales transactions, perform cash and payment card transactions accurately
  • Deal pleasantly with Customers and call on staff for additional customer service help as needed
  • Work according to Health & Safety standards at all time
  • Wear the BRANT uniform daily
  • All other duties as required

Physical Effort required while performing the job:

  • Manual dexterity as it relates to computer operation and handling of products
  • Continuous walking, bending, twisting, standing, and retrieval and placement of product
  • Lifting up to 50 lbs.
  • Mental Effort required performing the job:
  • Requires ability to memorize product locations within the store and warehouses, and ability to use PointForce software as it relates to inventory management and pricing data entry changes
  • Requires concentration during computer work for accuracy
  • Attention to product details is critical when stocking retail shelves.
  • Requires concentration on accurate product codes and store and warehouse product locations
  • Listening and attentiveness when dealing with co-workers and customers
  • Working Conditions while performing the Job:
  • Works in a climate-controlled retail store & warehouse
  • Little or no exposure to disagreeable elements
  • Works with interruptions


  • Must complete the following online courses and keep updated as required:  WHMIS Online Course, Accessibility Training for Customer Service, Health & Safety at Work, Violence and Harassment in the Workplace
  • Required to attend trade-shows, monthly office supply meetings and sales representative seminars

Please respond to kburley@brantbasics.com